Sydney Off-Markets provides exclusive access to off-market properties.

Have you ever wished there was an easier way to purchase property?

Are you tired or constantly missing out on that dream home or ideal investment?

Is privacy paramount to you, and you’d prefer to do all your real estate transactions discreetly?



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Quite simply, an off-market property allows you to skip the queue and be first in line for an inspection.


It’s no secret we’re all short on time. That’s why off-market properties are a win-win solution. Buyers get to arrange a viewing to suit their schedule and sellers can secure a quick sale.


It also gives you the greatest possible chance to secure the perfect purchase at the best possible price.





We match your criteria against our extensive database to find the perfect property for you.

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We manage the whole process for you from start to end including due diligence, negotiation, dealing with the sales agents etc.

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We seal the deal and secure you the property of your dreams.

Who are Sydney Off-Markets?

Highly Skilled Property Sleuths

Our team of experts offer over 15 years of negotiating luxury real estate transactions. We also benefit from long-established relationships with Sydney real estate agents who share the best of the off-market listings directly with us and offer unprecedented access to properties long before they hit the open market.


Property Matchmakers

It’s our mission to pair you with your perfect home or investment at the right price and to facilitate a stress free real estate experience. By arranging exclusive access to these off-market properties, we also ensure you don’t waste your valuable time and money.


Informed Experts

Sydney Off-Markets is backed by a dedicated team who possess a robust knowledge of real estate, as well as experience building, developing, buying and selling properties. 


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What is an off-market listing?

An 'off-market' listing is a property for sale without mainstream advertising. Regarded as a more personalised and private approach to selling, real estate agents contact interested buyers directly to connect them with suitable properties. There is no mass marketing and the general public will not find these properties listed on any online portals.

Why are more vendors opting to sell off-market?

There was a time when off-market sales were rare, but today, there are an ever increasing number of buyers and sellers embracing this real estate trend. It’s also a great point of difference, if you are selling in a crowded marketplace, and saves vendors from paying high advertising costs.

Are there other ways Sydney Off-Markets can save us money?

We’ve established long-lasting relationships with all manner of services relating to the property purchase process. Whether it be solicitors, building and pest inspectors, wholesale furniture or electrical suppliers, we only recommend the most trusted names in the business.

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“Sydney Off-Markets helped us find and close a home after almost a year of searching on our own." 


—  Jonathan S, Bondi